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Physical Education

Physical Education and Wellness

Many of physical education's benefits are well-known, such as improved strength and flexibility. It also is known to reduce stress, improve concentration and lift mood, as well an expand lung capacity and slow the heart-rate.

Students participate in daily physical activities. Although P.E. is being phased out in many public schools, its benefits--from skill development to the creation of lifelong healthy habits--are well documented. At CNS, we believe it is important to cultivate daily habits for a healthy mind and body.

Each student has physical education several times per week:

  1. 30 minutes - 2 days a week for PreK-K
  2. 45 minutes - 2 days a week for grades 1-3
  3. 45 minutes - 5 days a week for grades 4-8

Every grade has two outdoor recesses each day, weather permitting.