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Physical Education

Physical Education and Wellness

Many of physical education's benefits are well-known, such as improved strength and flexibility. It also is known to reduce stress, improve concentration and lift mood, as well an expand lung capacity and slow the heart-rate.

Student Playing Soccer

Students participate in daily physical activities. Although P.E. is being phased out in many public schools, its benefits—from skill development to the creation of lifelong healthy habits—are well documented. At CNS, we believe it is important to cultivate daily habits for a healthy mind and body.

Each student has physical education several times per week:

  1. 30 minutes - 2 days a week for PreK-K
  2. 45 minutes - 2 days a week for grades 1-3
  3. 45 minutes - 5 days a week for grades 4-8

Every grade has two outdoor recesses each day, weather permitting.

Students Playing Soccer

On P.E. & Wellness

Physical education is vital for a healthy heart, mind, and body. In our P.E. classes, we explore different movements, games, and sports as a team. We encourage students to keep moving in a fun and safe way, ensuring all are included. By the end of the year, students will be able to take care of their bodies by being physically active in ways that they enjoy.