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Physical Education

Yoga & P.E.

Many of yoga's physical benefits are well-known, such as improved strength and flexibility. It also is known to reduce stress, improve concentration and lift mood, as well an expand lung capacity and slow the heart-rate.

More recent research into yoga has focused on its benefits to children and teenagers. A study by California State University, Los Angeles, for example, found schoolchildren who practiced yoga had higher self-esteem, improved classroom behavior and better school performance. Soccer

These benefits inspired Carbondale New School to include yoga as part of its physical health curriculum. Schoolchildren experience a guided yoga class once a week where they work on yoga poses and practice breathing.

In addition to yoga, students participate in daily physical activity. Although P.E. is being phased out in many public schools, its benefits — from skill development to the creation of lifelong healthy habits — is well documented. At CNS, we believe it is important to cultivate daily habits for a healthy mind and body.