Carbondale New School

Serving Southern Illinois since 1974

The mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled


General Documents

Corporate Bylaws
School Rules
Bullying Policy Document

Enrollment Forms & Information

Form Required Due Date
Returning Student Registration Form 2023-24
New Student Registration 2022-23
2022 School Calendar
ACH Payment Enrollment 08/30
Service Opportunity Checklist 08/30
Health and Emergency Information Form 08/14
Student Information Form 08/30
Birth Certificate 08/30
Field Trip Form 08/30
Behavior Management Form 08/30
Bug Spray and Sunscreen Form 08/30
Background Check Authorization 08/30
Handbook Contract 08/30
Directory Form 08/30
Media Consent Form 08/30
Medication Authorization Form Questions 08/30
Health Examination Form Questions 10/15
Application for Religious Exemption to Required Immunizations Questions 10/15
Proof of School Dental Examination Form Questions 05/15
Eye Examination Report Questions 10/15

Last updated 08/18/2019.