Carbondale New School

Serving Southern Illinois since 1974

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Extra-curricular Activities

Being a small school doesn't mean doing without extra-curricular activities. CNS offers after-school programs for Choir, Craft, Chess and Outdoors, reinforcing our curriculum's emphasis on problem-solving, creativity and environmental awareness and appreciation. Chess Club features both quiet and combative contests in chess, Quarto and Othello. Craft Club allows students with an interest in art to pursue that interest and refine their skills after school hours. Under the longtime direction of teacher Laure Geiger, the CNS choir performs at the CNS Winter Program and also Graduation. Outdoors Club takes advantage of our proximity to the Marbury Arboretum to extend students' interests in biology and environment issues. Clubs at CNS often rely on the skills and interests of parents, staff, and volunteers willing to sponsor them from year to year.

Chess Club