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About Laurie

Laurie Geiger A veteran classroom teacher at CNS for over twenty years, Laurie Geiger is our PreK-8th grade music teacher. Laurie graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth with a BS in Elementary Education and a minor in Music. During her twenty-plus years at CNS, Laurie has directed the bell and vocal choirs, and facilitated the annual Winter Music Program. She is trained in Love and Logic® and also the recipient of the 2012 SIUC Sigma Xi Math and Science Teacher of the Year award. More recently, Laurie is a 2016 semi-finalist for the 2016 Escallante-Gradillas Prize for Best in Education. She has lived in Carbondale for thirty-two years with her husband Jon. They have one grown son, an alumnus of CNS, who lives in Pennsylvania.

Laurie's Philosophy of Teaching

I am passionate about music in the classroom, and truly believe it enhances and reinforces learning. I strive to develop a relationship with each and every student by recognizing their talents and strengths, and celebrating their individuality. My goal is to instill a sense of music appreciation, while at the same time teaching students about the technical aspects of music. To expand children’s interests, I integrate a wide range of games, activities, manipulatives, multicultural learning projects and community resources. By utilizing these effective methods, I am able to introduce new concepts, foster a fun learning environment and help students blossom into well-rounded individuals.

Laurie's Other Duties

In addition to her duties as music teacher for the entire school, effective with the 2016-17 school-year, Laurie will be working in exciting new capacities that better highlight her many talents. This year she will be our lead teacher for grades 3 & 4 math and grades 5 & 6 math, and will also be helping us introduce the new Carbondale New School to the public.


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