Carbondale New School

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Tuition & Fees

Payment Plans

We make every possible effort to keep tuition and fees affordable--we want all parents who want their children to attend CNS to be financially able to enroll. Parents considering New School and crunching numbers should be aware that CNS values the service contributions of parents and their relatives in tangible ways. Over one-third of New School families earn rebate hours which substantially reduce their tuition payments. Simply working AfterCare on a daily basis can cut tuition payments by about half. Janitorial service rebates are basically a free ride for one child. You can get a better idea of how rebate can make CNS work for you by using our Rebate & Tuition Calculator. To talk about how rebates can make CNS more affordable for your familiy, please contact us at 618.457.4765, or by email.

Full-Time Tuition & Fees Per Installment

Children Lump Sum 10-Month Plan
1st Child $6750.00 $675.00
2nd+ Child $5297.50 $529.75

Half-Time Tuition & Fees Per Installment (PreK-K Only)

Children Lump Sum 10-Month Plan
1st Child $3845.00 $384.50
2nd+ Child $3118.75 $311.88

The CNS Board has approved a reduced rate for returning 1st-8th graders who enroll by May 18, 2017. We value our CNS family and would love for everyone to return next year! Those returning 1st-8th-grade students who enroll by the May 18 deadline will receive a 10% reduction in their tuition (which will make it lower than the 2015 rate).

For printing or emailing, download a PDF copy of our Tuition & Fee Schedule.

For current CNS students returning in 2017-18, please download and fill out a copy of the 2017 Returning Student Pre-registration Form. For families new to CNS, when you are ready to enroll your child or children, feel free to grab a copy of our 2017 New Student Registration Form.

Carbondale New School is a dream come true for my family. I was originally concerned about affording tuition. However I was made aware of rebate options that made the wonderful education at New School a reality for my child.

BeforeCare and AfterCare Rates

Children Rate per hour
1st Child $5.00
2nd+ Child $4.50

BeforeCare and AfterCare Hours

Charges will be incurred from 7:45-8:15 before school, and after school from 3:15-5:15 for PreK-3rd grades, 3:45-5:15 for 4th-8th grades.

Payment of Tuition & Fees

For your convenience, tuition payments are now accepted via PayPal secure payment-processing. No PayPal account required — all major credit cards accepted.

Financial Assistance for Pre-K Students

CNS welcomes referrals from the Child Care Resource and Referral Office at John A. Logan College.