Carbondale New School

Serving Southern Illinois since 1974

The mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled


What People Say about CNS

When we chose to send our children to school, we wanted to have them start out at a place where they were not just another kid. We hoped that they would be recognized and nurtured for who they were as people and allowed to "spread their wings" so to speak. At CNS we feel that our children have had the opportunity to learn in a safe, loving and open-minded environment where they could learn at their own pace. This Spring we were out hiking at Giant City and I remarked to my 4 year-old that the bluish colored flowers by the path were pretty. He said "Mom, those are periwinkles". I asked him how he knew. He said "we learned about them at the arboretum the other day".


More than a Face in a Crowd

I attended Carbondale New School from kindergarten through eighth grade. I left a couple of times to try public school, but always went back to CNS after less than a week. The public elementary and middle schools I briefly attended felt stifling after being in the warm environment of CNS, where I felt cared for and nurtured, both as a student and as a person. At CNS I felt respected and felt that my teachers and the other staff members genuinely cared about my education and well-being, but I did not feel that as much at public school.



Academically, CNS prepared [our son] extremely well for the rigors of high school. He consistently and relatively easily exceeded his teachers' expectations for deadlines, for having the necessary "walking in" knowledge, and for performance. His high grades all year reflect how well he learned from all his teachers (especially Carla) to manage his time, to read critically, to research well, and to write (and revise) well.


Things I like about New School:

  • Individualized learning. My child is taught at her own pace, moving ahead on subjects that she is better at and receiving more instruction on those she has difficulty with. Much better than the "move along with the crowd" system in public school.
  • Caring environment. Children are taught to manage their own conflicts, using older peers as mentors for younger ones. I have never seen any bullying at CNS, unlike in the public schools
  • Close knit community. I think in a larger school, people are lost and not seen as individuals. My family is treated as part of the CNS family and we feel as if we have an active role in determining the the directions the school is taking.


Laurie & Student