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The mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled

Grades 3-4

About Misty

Misty Misty was born and raised in Southern Illinois. She attended SIU-C and graduated with a Bachelor's in health administration. She worked for two years in an early childhood setting and six years in special education as a Response to Intervention Specialist. Along with her two sons and husband, she is the owner/operator of Stray Dog Farms in Cobden, Illinois.

Misty's Philosophy of Teaching

Education is not one size fits all! I like to use differentiated instruction. This allows me to introduce ideas, topics, and information, then allow students further explore those at their own level. This works especially well with reading and language arts, when a student is allowed to apply learned content to books they choose to read that are of their interest and level. I like to go beyond reading, language arts, science, social studies, and math, and include skills such as computer science, coding and typing. Above all I encourage students to be independent learners and never stop asking questions!

Student in Misty's Classroom


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Qty Item Description Label Class
    w/Name Use
  Pens & Pencils:
2 pkg pens (blue or black only, erasable preferred)
2 pkg pencils
1 zippered pencil pouch or desktop container for pens & pencils
1 hand-held pencil sharpener with a closed case for shavings
4 yellow highlighters
2 black Sharpies
  Paper, Notebooks & Folders:
2 reams of printer paper
1 pkg college-ruled loose-leaf paper (large packages)
1 pkg graph paper (quadrille ruled)
4 college-ruled composition books
4 folder, poly, 2-pocket with prongs
2 folder, poly, 2-pocket w/o prongs
2 pkg 3x3 Post-it Notes™
2 pkg lined, 3X5 cards
  Additional Supplies:
2 clear or Scotch™ tape
1 bottle Elmer’s™ glue
1 pair adult-sized scissors
2 pkg dry correction tape or liquid
1 reliable calculator
1 pair headphones or earbuds for use with Macbooks
4 boxes of Kleenex™
2 pkg Clorox™ wipes
2 bottles of hand sanitizer (min. 60% alcohol)
  Incidental Supplies:
1 combination lock for locker
1 sturdy water bottle w/top (refillable not disposable)
1 pair gym shoes
1 insect repellant
1 sunscreen
1 backpack
1 lunch bag or box
1 pair mud/rain Boots
extra clothes

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