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Grades 1-3

About Melissa

Pending An Illinois native, Melissa Camasta has had over 12 years of teaching experience in both formal and non-formal education. After she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology, she began her educational career as an environmental educator working in Hood River, OR. Upon returning to Illinois, she pursued her Elementary Education degree at Southern Illinois University. She is the mother of three beautiful girls, who mean the world to her. As a family, they spend their free time camping, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. She will be teaching in the 1st-3rd classroom at CNS effective with the 2015-16 school year.

Melissa's Philosophy of Teaching

Classroom without Walls Children can accomplish so much when given a loving, warm and respectful learning environment. Trust and security is an important part of that environment and needs to be established between teacher and student. I strive to build relationships with my students by earning their respect through caring, fun and exciting experiences. I of course cannot do these things alone--families of my students play an intricate role in their child's education. I firmly believe in forming positive relationships with each student's family. No student is the same, and I try to provide learning experiences that meet the needs of each individual student. I achieve this through exploration and hands-on experiences that allow students to work in groups or as individuals. I also believe in a child-centered classroom, where my role is to provide guidance through my students' educational journey.


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Supply List 2016-17

QuantityItem Description
 For Personal Use:
1pencil box
2wide-ruled notebooks
2pocket folders
1 pkExpo fine-point or regular-point markers
1 pkMarkers
1 pkTiconderoga pencils
1 pkcolored pencils
1 boxcrayons
1coloring book
1 bottleElmer's glue
1primary journal (1st grade only)
1composition notebook (2nd & 3rd grades)
1pair indoor shoes
 For Classroom:
1 pkconstruction paper
1 pkwide-ruled paper
1 boxquart- or gallon-sized Ziplock bags
1 boxfacial tissue
1 pkLysol wipes

Last updated 08/02/2016.

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