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Mud Kitchen

Outdoor Classroom

Building Materials Carbondale New School has long recognized the importance of connecting children with the outdoors by providing open, unstructured spaces for creative play. Students interact daily with the space during the lunch hour. To celebrate the school's commitment to nature, CNS has recently been recognized as a Certified Nature Explore® Classroom.

Tree House As more children become disconnected with nature, places like the Carbondale New School become increasingly important. Recent research backs up the school's long-standing commitment: contact with nature promotes healthier social behavior, lessens social dysfunction, helps alleviate stress and improves resilience.

Grassy Plain Wilderness and nature-based experiences result in a range of benefits including: improved physical and mental health (e.g., reduced body fat, reduced anxiety and stress, and improved self-esteem); positive changes in behavior; enhanced connection to nature; and improved knowledge and skills acquisition.

Mud Kitchen

Outdoor recreation can also benefit children with specific health issues, such as obesity and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Creative Collaboration Creative Collaboration Creative Collaboration Creative Collaboration Creative Collaboration
Creative Collaboration

The New School outdoor classroom is different by design: we give children the materials for constructive play, but the actual elements of play are produced by the kids themselves. Occasionally alone, but more frequently in pairs or trios--or all-out collaboration (as shown here)--our students take the raw materials of play and assemble them. A log becomes a fulcrum, and a plank a seesaw. Or two logs support a board that serves as a table; shorter boards are serving trays, tree-cookies become plates spilling over with crabapples and greens, and suddenly we are in the midst of a feast. Such play frequently cuts across age-groups: older kids assisting younger, smaller kids seeing their creative contributions sit side-by-side with those of older students. What are kids with daily exposure to this kind of activity going to take away from CNS? They are going to be self-directed, they are going to be imaginative problem-solvers, and they are going to know what it means to work as a team. In other words, they are going to be just about everything we want our kids to be, academically and otherwise.

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